ArabWIC has launched Tech Talks, a series of bi-monthly webinars, to support local chapters, to encourage members to showcase their interests and achievements and to attract new members. The webinars will be scheduled for the evenings in the MENA region so chapter members can join in the sessions together as a group and participate as a community, as well as individual members.

Subjects will be varied, and will include research papers, conference experiences, and technology themes. Typically there will be more than 1 speaker in each session to generate discussion & plenty of Q&A. The first session will be an Introduction to Open Source Technologies. Presenters will include an open source contributor, a consumer of open source in a commercial setting, and an open source strategist.

The Tech Talks committee is looking for more people to participate in setting up and hosting the talks. Please volunteer to join the Tech Talks committee. If you have a suggestion for a talk, please submit a form entry here

Our first workshop: Open Source in the Arab World

This is an amazing writeup about Open Source in the Arab world by Suzan Malaika here

Also check the webinar whole video below!