ArabWIC KSA Chapter Ambassadors Program signup

ArabWIC is an official chapter of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. The goal of ArabWiC is to support, inspire, encourage collaboration among, increase visibility of and help elevate the status of Arab women in computing, and help them achieve their career goals.

About the Ambassador Program:
The ArabWiC Saudi Ambassador Program is an opportunity for you to be a liaison between ArabWiC and your institution. We offer in multiple regions around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are inviting all interested students, educators and professionals to join our team as an ArabWiC Ambassador representing your organization.
Who can join ?
Students, professors, educators and professionals who are passionate to make a change in technology, and support other women in tech to be active members in the tech world.
What is expected ?

Your responsibilities as an ArabWiC Ambassador in the Saudi Arabian chapter would be:
1. Participate in planning events and workshops in ArabWiC’s field (Engineering and Technology ).
2. Promote ArabWiC programs and services in your local organization.
3. Act as a campus contact (or industry/organization contact) for ArabWiC’s Leadership Team

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