ArabNet Beirut 2016

The Longest Running Digital Conference in the Middle East is back!
A city hungry for innovation and growth, Beirut is a significant creative hub in the region.
The ArabNet Beirut conference aims to reflect the widespread creativity in the Levant market, added to a never-ending determination, within a refined and exclusive professional environment. We combine the best that the digital world has to offer, with the market’s demand for growth and economic prosperity, in a space of creative possibilities.
ArabNet Beirut is happening this March, 1-3, and we invite you to join us as we highlight digital creativity, technology, entertainment, business and entrepreneurship in the region. ArabNet Beirut features over 80 speakers from across the MENA region and abroad, discussing the latest in digital across media and entertainment, arts, creative communities, food and beverage, and other industries. The event also features a Design+Code day on March 1st, to host hands-on workshops for developers and designers who wish to hone their skills and network.

As every year, ArabNet Beirut 2016 includes ArabNet’s signature entrepreneur competitions, Ideathon and Startup Demo, as well as Creative Combat which aims to highlight emerging regional talents in digital marketing. The conference will also be highlighting hardware startups and projects from across the MENA region in its Innovation Avenue competition.

The event features a lively evening program with meetups, dinners, and parties.

New internship at live

Please apply asap to this! deadline is next week!

My First Time Attending GHC-2014

As many of you are getting ready for the Grace Hopper Celebration starting tomorrow, we thought we share with you the experience of Dorra Mlouhi, ArabWIC Ambassador, who attended the Grace Hopper Celebration 2014.

“Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) is an annual conference organised by the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) in partnership with the Association of Computing Machines, and is the world’s largest gathering of women technologists. This was my first time attending GHC. In fact this was my first time at a conference where women were a majority.

From the moment I landed at the Phoenix airport, I could feel a festive environment all around. The crowd at the airport, in the shuttles and taxis, and around downtown were mostly GHC attendees. This immediately created a sense of familiarity among us.

All the keynote and invited technical speakers were amazing. Their incredible career paths, remarkable leadership skills and technical depth were immensely motivating. This year’s surprise guest was the newly appointed CTO of United States, Megan Smith. Although she spoke very briefly, her presence in the conference created a lot of excitement among the attendees.

GHC 2014 had a number of amazing workshops, and they were one the main attractions of the conference for me. There were so many workshops I was interested in that in spite of there being repeat sessions, I was not able to cover them all.

Some of the interesting takeaways from all workshops that I attended (in no particular order) were:

  • People you don’t know well know people whom you don’t know.
  • It is often the number of weak ties that move you closer to your goal.
  • All ideas are built on other ideas; do not hesitate to build on existing ideas.
  •  Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy freedom.
  • Statistics show that for the entry level technology positions, women are paid ~$6000 lesser than men annually.
  • If you are not negotiating your salary then you are making it harder for every other woman to ask for a raise.

Really GHC is the kind of conference that can change your life, you never know who you may sit next to at lunch, on the bus, or in a session. There are some very important people in attendance to these conferences and the likelihood of you meeting one is quite high.

Whether or not you’re currently looking for a job, you never know when you will be. And where do/would you even want to work? Well there are over 100 companies at Grace Hopper dying for you to take notice of them. They are recruiting like crazy. If you’re a college student, you will probably meet one of your future employers here.

Overall, attending the Grace Hopper Conference was an enriching and inspiring experience. True to its name, GHC was not merely a conference, but a celebration of the contribution of women to the field of technology. I left Pheonix motivated, inspired, and full of energy. Thank you Arab Women In Computing for supporting my travel to this awesome event!”

We wish you an amazing  Grace Hopper Celebration!

آلاء شاهين تسرد رحلتها الجديدة

قبل شهرين من الآن ، كنت على موعد مع رحلة جديدة، لكن هذه المرة كانت رحلة مختلفة عن غيرها من الرحلات!

سافرت إلى دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة للمرة الثانية، حيث دعيت لحضور مؤتمر النساء العربيات في مجال الحوسبة والتكنولوجيا لعام 2015 والذي عقد بالشراكة مع جامعة نيو يورك أبو ظبي، في حرم الجامعة في مدينة أبو ظبي.

كانت هذه ليست المرة الأولى التي أعرف عن هذا المؤتمر، فقد كنت خلال سنة ونصف قبلها على علم ومعرفة كاملة بمنظمة النساء العربيات في مجال التكنولوجيا Arab Women in Computing. كنت أتابع أخبارها على حساب المجموعة على فيس بوك، وأتابع أخبار السيدات العربيات المتميزيات في هذه المنظمة سواء في المجال الأكاديمي أو المجال المهني ، وكنت قد عرفت عن المؤتمر لأول مرة في عام 2013، من خلال اشتراكي في القائمة البريدية لموقع المنظمة.

ما لم أكن أعرفه هو تلك التفاصيل المهمة حول المؤتمر والمنظمة، لماذا أنشأت؟ وماذا تسعى لتقدم بشكل متميز للمرأة العربية؟

هذا فعلا ما لمسته وتعرفت عليه بشكل أكبر خلال المؤتمر الذي كان يومين كاملين في مدينة أبو ظبي.

هذا المؤتمر تم إنشاءه بدعم من جامعة نيو يورك أبو ظبي، وبرئاسة وتنظيم البروفيسورة سناء عودة من جامعة نيو يورك وجامعة نيو يورك ابو ظبي، وهي المؤسسة لمنظمة النساء العربيات في مجال الحوسبة والتكنولوجيا. هذه المنظمة أنشأت لتكون حاضنة للمرأة العربية المهتمة في هذا المجال، لتوفر الدعم والمساندة والإلهام والتحفيز والتغطية الاعلامية للمرأة العربية وإبراز دورها الحقيقي الذي لعبته ولا تزال تلعبه في مجال التكنولوجيا والحوسبة في العالم العربي.

المؤتمر كان على مدى يومين كاملين، في اليوم الأول كان هناك جلسة امتدت لمنتصف النهار لتناقش واحدة من أهم الأنشطة البحثية التي بدأت فيها المنظمة وهو بحث يدرس دور المرأة العربية في المجال الدراسي والمجال المهني في التكنولوجيا في مختلف الدول العربية ويعرض احصائيات وارقام واقعية حول حال المرأة العربية في مجال الحوسبة

هذا البحث الذي يستمر العمل عليه للسنة الثالثة، ستكون نتائجه النهائية عما قريب، وسيظهر في بحث كامل يعرض حقائق عن دور المرأة في المجال التقني والحوسبي في العالم العربي، ويعرض الكثيرمن الفرص التي بإمكان المرأة العربية العمل عليها، وأيضا بعض المشكلات التي تواجهها.

في الجلسات الأخرى خلال المؤتمر، أعجبتني الجلسات الحوارية ، والتي تناولت مجموعة من المواضيع منها:

جلسة تتعلق في المجال البحثي والأكاديمي: جمعت عدد من الطالبات العربيات المتميزات في التعليم العالي، في مجال الحاسوب ، واللواتي يدرسن في جامعات عالمية سواء في برامج البكالوريوس أو الماجستير أو الدكتوراة.

جلسة في المجال الريادي: جمعت ريادات من مشاريع مختلفة، ومسؤولات من حاضنات ومسرعات أعمال عربية مثل Flat6Labs وFastForward وPotential.

أما الجلسة التي شاركت بها، كانت حول العمل في قطاع الحوسبة وتكنولوجيا المعلومات، فقد جمعت هذه الجلسة سيدات يعملن في قطاعات مختلفة في الحوسبة حول العالم ومن شركات مختلفة، وقد شاركن تجاربهن حول الصعوبات التي واجهنها، وكذلك أهم قواعد النجاح بنظرهن.

الكثير من الكلمات الابداعية، والمشاعر المتأججة التي تحفز في داخلي الرغبة القوية في السعي قدما نحو تحقيق حلمي، سيدات متميزات كل منهن ساهمت في البحث العلمي، أو المجال الريادي، أو العمل المهني في كبرى شركات البرمجة حول العالم، وأخريات أسسن منظمات ومؤسسات بحثية أو مهنية تساعد المرأة العربية.

كل منهن وهي تروي قصتها، تعرج على نقاط تحول وتغيير في حياتها، وتخبرنا من خلال قصتها، كيف يجب على المرأة العربية أن تكون مرنة، مؤمنة بحلمها، وفي ذات الوقت قادرة على التعامل مع المشكلات التي قد تحول في لحظات معينة من حياتنا من قدرتنا على تحقيق رغباتنا وطموحاتنا المهنية والحياتية

كتبتها آلاء شاهين في 16 يوليو 2015

Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship

Great news: Arabwic and Anita Borg are very grateful to QCRI for funding six scholarships for Arab Women in Computing to attend the GHC women in Computing conference in the US.

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the QCRI ArabWIC GHC 2015 Scholarship! We have received close to 100 excellent applications that were all worthy of receiving the scholarship. The selection process was very tough, but we would like to assure everyone that your application was solid but, unfortunately, we have limited resources. There will be definitely other chances and different opportunities for everyone to pursue in the near future. We are only beginning. Good luck to everyone and I hope that we all join our effort together through arabwic to provide more resources and opportunities for all of the amazing women from the Arab World to help them achieve their goals. Thanks everyone for applying and we truly value your achievements and work a great deal. Everyone’s a winner and we are all very proud of all of you!

Finally, we are delighted to announce the list of women who were selected to receive the QCRI Scholarship for Arab Women in Computing to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference(GHC’15), October 4-16, 2015, in Houston, Texas, USA.

1) Houda Chakiri, Morocco, Software Engineer/Entrepreneur/CEO/PhD Student, ENHANCED TECHNOLOGIES
2) Alaa Shaheen, Palestine (Tech Woman 2015), software engineer, Entrepreneur, Pioneer Tech, and ArabWiC ambassador Palestine
3) Houda Bouamor , Tunisia, Special Faculty-Senior Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, and ArabWiC ambassador Qatar and Tunisia
4) Soumia Djoudjou (Fatma Zohra DjouDjou), Algeria, software engineer, Ericsson, and ArabWiC ambassador Algeria
5) Manar (Manar Abu Taleb), UAE, Associate Professor, University of Sharjah, and ArabWiC ambassador UAE
6) Farah Shammout, Jordan, Undergraduate software engineering Student
at NYUAD, and ArabWiC UAE

We wish you all the greatest success with this endeavor, and look forward to seeing you at the GHC 2015 in Houston!

Please help congratulate these scholarship recipients.

We are extremely thankful for the QCRI and especially Eman Fituri) for the generous funding, and also for Anita Borg Institute for their support and partnership.


Sana’ Odeh, ArabWiC Chairs, Clinical Professor of Computer Science, New York University, New York

Kaoutar El Maghraoui, ArabWiC Co-Chair, Research Scientist, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Meet Ms.Alaa Shaheen

We would like to feature our ArabWIC successful woman in Technology today, Alaa Shaheen. Alaa Shaheen is a technology entrepreneur and software engineer. She finished her BS degree in Computer Engineering from An-Najah National University, Palestine, and also a certificate in Graduate Studies Program from Singularity University, CA, USA. She is passionate about new technologies related to health,education and big data. She has experience in backend software development, both in mobile apps and web apps development. She also has experience in Lean Startup approaches and Agile Methodologies. Alaa worked on different startups in e-learning and travel apps. She is co-founder and Coordinator at the Nablus Tech Meetups. She is an Arab Women in Computing (#arabwic) Ambassadors for Palestine, and a member of ArabWIC Mentoring committee.

By Yasmin Anwar

Meet Ms. Rabeb Othmani

Meet Rabeb Othmani, a software engineer from Tunisia and living in UK who will be a panelist in the NYUAD Conference on Arab Women in Computing in the “Women in IT Industry Professionals Q&A” Panel sharing her successes, challenges, and how to overcome them.
Rabeb is a software engineer working currently for MixRadio. She identifies herself as a UX developer . She is an Imagine Cup worldwide finalist, a Microsoft certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Student Partner Alumni and Microsoft Career Factor Idol.
Rabeb is also qualified as STEM ambassador working closely with schools and students to encourage them into STEM and especially engineering.
She is a contributing author for DZone, a global community of technology experts and professionals.
Rabeb advocates to bring more women into engineering and coding. She is been speaking in different events and for different user groups such as Girl Geeks. She is also the director of Women Who Code Tounes, the Tunisian branch of the global Women Who Code organization. Rabeb is part of ArabWIC, she is VP of programs, social media committee leader and taking care of the collaboration and communication within the team.

By Yasmin Anwar

Meet Dr.Sahar Idwan

Sahar Idwan is an Associate Prof. in the Computer Science, currently she spends the sabbatical leave as an associate dean of School of Engineering at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah(AURAK). Prior joining to AURAK Dr. Idwan was an associate professor at the Hashemite University. She received her Ph.D. in computer science from Colorado school of mines, USA, 2005 andjoined computer science department as an assistant professor at Hashemite University, Jordan. She was involved in many administrative positions; the vice dean of the faculty Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II for information technology, chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems, and the director of the e-learning center at the Hashemite University. She has twenty publications resulting from her research in computer science. In particular, her research interest includes applied algorithms, moving objects, mobile computing, graph theory, mobile applications, e-learning, and application of computing as a scientific paradigms; she participated in numerous program committees and journal review boards. She also a member of ArabWIC research and ARABWIC ambassador at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah – UAE.